How My Journey Started


Hi, Let me introduce myself – my name is Alison and I am currently mid treatment for double jaw surgery and genioplasty due to a class 2 malocclusion :

I would fall under the bottom left category. As well as being blessed with naturally “buck teeth” I also have facial asymmetry where my top jaw decided not to grow at the same rate as my lower jaw and is now too narrow. My bottom jaw tried to compensate for this and now the right side of my face is 11mm longer and my chin is slightly over to the left side and has rotated slightly……

…. keeping up?…

…2 years ago I decided that enough was enough – I was tired of looking like I was growling in photos taken from one side, my teeth didn’t meet at the front at all and I had to eat pizza with a knife and fork ( otherwise I would just end up leaving the base behind)  I longed to be able to bite sellotape and was still getting over failing a module at beauty college for threading as I was unable to hold the string between my teeth to pull it.
I sounded like I was hissing when I said any word with an “S” in it and of course there was always the illusive piece of dribble that would appear from time to time if I was deep in concentration.

Spurred on by one of my friends that had ceramic braces to straighten out the front 6 of her teeth I decided that I wanted to speak with her dentist. I had been told I needed jaw surgery when I was 17 and decided against it as I just thought it would be OK, wouldn’t bother me and that I could just get on with things…. but 10 years later, still unhappy with my teeth and bite I decided to either stop moaning about it or take the plunge and do something about it.

I booked a meeting with her orthodontist who quickly said that this needed more help then just braces and that she could refer me to the hospital… and so it began……………………

………. I received a letter in the October with an appointment in the January (2012) for an initial consultation, it was there I met my Orthodontist Mr Power and a Surgeon called Caroline Mills, I was asked lots of questions, poked and prodded a bit, measured facially and had to hold a ruler in my mouth to show the gradient of how far things were out. It was verbally decided by the team right away that if I wanted to proceed with this, then I was definitely a case they would accept. I was sent of for X-Rays and facial photographs and a date was made for the braces to go on. I had to also go back for impressions to be taken of my teeth in between. The braces went on on May 5th 2012…

As understand, the planned treatment (in addition to my braces) will be:

Remove all 4 wisdom teeth:

Not too bad really as I will be under General for this ( so grateful for that!!! )

correct facial asymmetry:

Widen my upper jaw:

They will have to make a gap between my middle top teeth to cut down the center – if anyone out there has had this done please get in touch as I would love the opportunity to speak to someone who has been through this

(I will  have a lefort 1 2 piece osteotomy)

Correction of long face syndrome and correction of open bite:

Oh, and I am having my chin broken a rotated

I am nervous to say the least and when I have tried to research this I can’t find much about all of these surgeries together, so I thought I would start this blog to hopefully help anyone that is going through this know what to expect, and how the recovery process is for someone that is 30 years of age.

Any feedback is always welcome – Thank you for taking the time to view my page x


5 thoughts on “How My Journey Started

  1. Hi Alison, I see you’re following my blog… only thing is, your name came up under a different blog of mine. The one to follow is my crossbitechronicles but you’re listed as following shalvapub – a different blog I used to keep).

    My surgery will be very similar to yours, only it will be a LeFort 1 1-piece, not 2-piece. And ‘m a whole lot older than you 😉 I just turned 49. So wish I had done this at age 30, like you! I am sure you will be fine. I seen some people go through jaw surgery and they come out looking great.


  2. Hi Allison, its so pleasing to know that I finally found someone that has something similar to my situation. I literally just went over every page and detail and thx for taking the time and consideration for doing that. I just was curious because I think I need this surgery too. I am currently wearing braces have one or two more yrs to go but my ortho. suggested to get jaw surgery. Just the thought of it scares me and the research. He didn’t go into detail but he did bring it up a few times but every now and then when I look into the mirror I don’t feel confident and I notice the two unsymmetrical sides of my face. My mom trys her best to discourage me because she is scared, but I think I might want it. Im 17 turning 18.I dont know what to do.
    P.S. You look great btw love the results on you and you look glowing with joy.

    • Hi Sam, Thank you for your lovely comments 🙂
      I’m so glad that my blog could help you in some way. For me I regret not doing this when I had the opportunity at 17. If it bothers you now, the chances are it will still bother you in the future? That was the case for me anyhow. I’m sure that whatever you decide will be the right choice for you at this point in your life now xx
      If i can answer any questions that you or you Mum have I am more than happy to help and will be totally honest with the good and the bad that you can probably expect along the way regarding jaw surgery, or at least what I experienced.
      xxx Catch up soon xxx


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