Hospital 6 Month Appointment

I had a 6 month follow up appointment a couple of weeks ago. I’m pleased to say all is looking well 🙂

 I do feel my jaw has relapsed very slightly to the left and my left teeth touch just before the right do, however with a little pressure both sides touch. I asked Mr Power about this and he said over time the teeth on my left side will wear and the bite will feel more comfortable. Its only minimal and when I look back to my pre op photos it really does show me how slight it is.

I was worried that I had broken my lower fixed retainer, I am pleased to say this was also intact and it may have been that I got a bit of food caught in it which scratched my tongue, which then made me think my tongue was rubbing on the retainer (silly me!).

I am due to go back in October for the next 6 monthly check, but for now that’s all I really have to report.

When in the appointment Mr Power (my orthodontist) asked if anything what do I wish I had been warned about/aware of going in to surgery/recover that I didn’t know… I replied:

  1. Lack of sleep, you will be exhausted but far too uncomfortable to sleep, this will go on for about 10-14 days
  2. Those first two weeks – everything you do will wear you out and you will feel like you’ve run a marathon.
  3. when the “blood slugs” come out of your nose at around the 2 week mark you will feel so much better and be able to breath so much more easily, it will be amazing!
  4. your nose will swell, and this will take weeks and weeks to finally return to normal size, its only slight after the first few weeks, but it seems to hold the swelling.
  5. Jaw spasms, they are pure evil and feel like someone has stabbed you in the ear – they do pass and occur around the 3-8 week point.

He asked if my numb patch was still the same and I agreed that it was, although I did add that even knowing what I know now, if I could go back I would do it all again, in fact even if all of my lower face would have been numb after recovery I still would have done it.

I cannot thank my orthodontist Mr Power, or my Surgeon Mr Shorafa enough, they have given me so much more then straight teeth and aligned jaws x



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