18 Months Post Op

It’s now just over 18 months post op. I’m still wearing my retainers at night time and they still feel tight when I pop them in. When my braces were removed I was fitted with a permanent retainer on the front 4 teeth of my upper and the 6 front teeth of my lower jaw. I’m pleased to say these are still very much in place.

I think my teeth have moved very slightly overall but believe this is just them settling in to the bite post braces, one thing I have notice is that my lower jaw is very slightly over to the left- I am hoping that this is the extent of any relapse and that no more occurs as I think I can feel it on my teeth on the left – but I’m so paranoid I don’t know if I’m imagining it a little worse then it is…

I see my orthodontist on 28th April for a check up so I will mention it to him then.

I don’t have much more to report on the tooth front at the moment, I am still around 35% numb on my lower left lip and chin but all other feeling has returned. I am at the point now where I am starting to forget what my old face looked like and it is becoming more normal not to hide when a camera comes out. I still sit there sometimes and close my jaws together and am consciously aware that both sides meet – It still makes me smile… I sometimes bite food and look at the bite mark- again, such a novelty still.

I shall update again after my visit with the orthodontist in April, if anyone has any questions regarding my experience please do get in touch. I hope everyone’s jaw journeys are going well πŸ™‚ xxx

18 months post op:


18 Months post op/11 months after braces were removed x



9 thoughts on “18 Months Post Op

  1. Came across your blog the other day and love that you shared your journey. I got my braces 2 weeks ago so am still a while off my surgery. Congratulations on your making it through, your results look tremendous! I’ve created my own blog after reading yours so if anyone would like to have a look or if you wouldn’t mind sharing it amongst your readers it would be greatly appreciated 😌 https://unoriginalsitename.wordpress.com/

    All the best! William x

    • Hi William,

      Thank you so much for your comment – It’s lovely to hear that it has helped or inspired in some way πŸ™‚

      I shall definitely check out your blog – and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      Alison x

      • Hi Alison. Hope you’re well! If you fancy checking it out or sharing I’ve had a few updates since we last spoke! Still not had that many readers and don’t know how to get my blog out there so any help you have would be greatly appreciated! I do have a question for you as well… Did you have molar bands fitted at all? The circular brackets that wrap round your whole molar? Just because I’m finding it difficult to get dental wax on them cos it’s pretty flat and so far back in my mouth 😩 thanks, William x

  2. Hi William,
    I think I just loaded the videos I put on my blog into YouTube, then put the blog address in the notes in case anyone wanted to have a look.
    My orthodontist also recommended it to some of his patients so I think that also helped the numbers. I just did it as a diary for myself, I never imagined so many people would read it πŸ™‚
    I did have molar bands- metal ones on the back 4 teeth. I never wore wax on them as I just always ended up eating it lol!!
    I remember the bands hurting quite a lot, especially the top ones.
    I’ll reshare your blog address too, hopefully that will help πŸ™‚
    Alison x

  3. Brilliant thanks so much 😌 I might see if my orthodontist will do the same for me! Yeah it’s the top bands that are hurting me, it’s only been 2 days so I’m sure I’ll get used to them soon. I’m having the same trouble with the wax, I put some on last night before bed and when I woke up it was gone! Just wish it was time for surgery, I’m getting impatient!


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