Happy 1st Birthday!!!

It’s 10th July 2015, 10.15am… This time a year ago I was in  theatre. I cannot believe it has been a year since the surgery! I still have residual numbness on my lower left lip which I think will be permanent, I have about 60-65% feeling there, apart from that I have feeling everywhere else, so I think I have been quite lucky. I am so pleased that I went through with the whole process and couldn’t be happier with the difference that it has made to my bite and face shape. I have no regrets at all.

Happy first birthday new bite 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday!!!

  1. That’s awesome! I got mine done July 15th 2014 and up until a couple of days ago, my face was still a bit swollen. Did your swelling last this long? And unfortunately my upper lip is numb too /:

  2. Hiya 🙂
    Thank you for your comment, My swelling seemed to be gone completely by the 6 month mark, Happy belated 1st birthday to you too! x Sorry to hear your upper lip is numb – is it the whole lip? Mine is only half of my lower, It still feels odd when I eat, I’m ok with it, but not used to it if that makes sense? How was your recovery? x

  3. Yeah it’s the whole lip. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s such a strange feeling to have your lip be numb. Yeah I don’t think we will ever get used to it but definitely can live with. I can feel it but about 60% like you said. It was pretty brutal the first month or so but now seeing the results, it was definitely worth it. And thank you (: How was your recovery?

  4. my recovery sounds very similar to yours, The first month was pretty awful (the first night was the worst pain I have ever felt!). For me, the first 2 weeks I really struggled to get comfy enough to sleep, and trying to sleep sitting up was challenging, I never anticipated the lack of sleep. I remember feeling a headache for most of that first month too but I think that was just due to the pressure from the swelling. I felt a lot more comfortable once all of the stitches dissolved- I was quite surprised just how tight they pulled. I recall ice being great for the first 2 weeks, then heat seemed to help a lot after that. As tough as it was, I knew it would be worth it and even if I knew how it would be afterwards I would still do it,….. but I am SO glad we wont ever have to do it again 🙂 xxx

    • Wow that’s amazing you say you would do it again. I didn’t know recovery would be so tough. I had a really hard time taking so much liquid the first couple of days and staying active which resulted in me staying an extra day at the hospital so I thought once I got home, things would get easier. It did eventually but I had one bad day where my body completely shut down on me /:
      I saw that you got your braces off!! You look amazing! That has to feel pretty good. I still have a couple of months to go. If you don’t mind me asking, did you do your surgery in the U.S.?

      • Thank you so much for your compliments! I remember after the braces came off i was convinced my teeth were HUGE but the orthodontist said that most people think this after thy come off as they haven’t seen their teeth fully for years. My surgery was undertaken in the UK under the National health service. I was very lucky with who was allocated to my case as under the NHS you get who you’re given. The wait to get the braces off did seem to take a while, but for me it was no where near as frustrating as the wait for surgery. for me, the surgery was the milestone I so wanted to be on the other side of xxx

  5. Oh I see. Yeah it’s a completely different system in the U.S. I cannot wait for that day I get my braces off. It’s going to be almost 4 years so it will be exciting. Well it was nice meeting you! (:


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