5 weeks since de-bracing…

So i’ve been brace free for 5 weeks now, it’s still a novelty 🙂  Sometimes I still forget the braces aren’t there and I go to do the same things that I did when they were on!

you may remember a while back i moaned about how my lower teeth were over filed when being narrowed for my attempt of invisalign? long story and i hated the shape of my bottom teeth. Today I finally got the finishing done to build them back up to the shape they should have been – I was itching to do this right away, but my orthodontist had said not to do any finishing for at least a month after the braces come off to give the teeth time to settle. The appointment was booked in for today weeks ago 🙂

The retainer journey is far easier then the braces and i forget they’re in a lot of the time – I just need to always make sure if I am having anything other than water, that they come out. I wear my retainers most of the time and am much more used to having them in, I’m very please to say I rarely heave with the top one in now (phew!)

I go back to the orthodontist in May for a check up, and will probably be full of “thank you’s” as usual 🙂

So, here are the pictures of my teeth, the correct shape, in the correct place and on correctly aligned jaws – what a journey xxx

IMG_5299 IMG_5302 IMG_5303