It’s the Month of de-bracing!!!!!!!!

It’s February 1st! this time in 19 days I will no longer have the braces that I have lived with for almost 3 years – and i’ll probably smiling like a Cheshire cat!

I still find the electric toothbrush feels strange on my upper palate but by now I’m thinking that it may be nerve damage that is making it feel strange as it must all be healed and fused back together by now. I sometimes stop and think wow, I have 8 plates and 36 screws in my face- how random is that! but even with this cold weather we’ve been having i’m pleased to say my face doesn’t ache or feel strange with the cold.

I do wonder how I will feel without the braces – I imagine my teeth will feel very thin without all this extra metal in my mouth! and I do keep thinking what my orthodontist said about me feeling my teeth look big initially as I haven’t seen them properly, in full for such a long time. I am very excited though – its 2 weeks and 4 days until d-day! – I can’t wait until I am in the days, rather then weeks countdown. Time is going quickly though, I have lots going on in my life to keep my occupied – and this wait for de bracing is by no means as hard as the wait for surgery was. I still stop and think how amazing the difference is, to feel both sides of my bite meet and also have my lower jaw sit under the upper is still a novelty. I cannot express my gratitude to my orthodontist and surgeon enough. My orthodontist has requested I speak with a couple of pre op patients about my experience – its so nice to be able to give something back and talk to patients, completely understanding their fears and worries. I do feel the anticipation made me think the op was worse then it really was, although saying that it was one of the physically hardest things i’ve been through. I think the anticipation heightened my fear, but as I’ve always maintained, a few weeks of pain and discomfort for a lifetime of results was always a no-brainer for me.

I cannot wait to update again soon, knowing me I will probably be quiet until the week of de-bracing, then i’ll be posting lots and lots!

As always, please do get in touch if I can help in any way, I hope everyone’s jaw journeys are going well 🙂 x x x



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