6 Month Recovery Milestone x x x

Saturday (10th January 2015) was my 6 month post op milestone. I have read that at the 6 month point, what you have is probably 85-90% what your results will be. So here is me, at around 90% of my result…. I compiled a video showing my journey, from the positioning of my teeth (pre op) in the correct orthodontic position for surgery, through to the 6 month recovery point. What an adventure my jaws and I have been through…. I’m still so amazed at the body’s ability to heal. It’s true to say it’s been a testing time, with its highs and it’s lows, I’ve gone through something I never thought I would be brave enough to do, dealt with pain I could never have imagined I could take, and I’ve been happier with my bite then I could have ever hoped for. Now, 5 weeks and 4 days left of my (almost) 3 year journey, and the braces finally come off…

I hope this helps anyone out there considering this┬átype of surgery…. as always please get in touch if I can help in any way x


Extra Orthodontic Appointment – 31st Dec 2014

I had my extra orthodontic appointment on the morning of 31st Dec 2014, before I went in I felt that one of the lower teeth was still out of line ( I could feel it with my tongue and I could see it if i looked closely in the mirror). I arrived at 8.45am so didn’t have time to film before but did do a quick video update afterwards ( I prefer to do the videos as soon after things happen so the thoughts and emotions are fresh). It turned out that my concerns were valid and I did the right things to double check – My orthodontist ended up replacing all bands on the bottom. the lower teeth are all now back in line. I’m a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason” and had I not had the issues in order to go back on 31st Dec the lower teeth wouldn’t have been finished at the de brace appt in February. My advice to anyone is check, check and double check if you have any concerns, even though I had the band put back on at my private dentist it still didn’t rectify the movement. I’m so glad I managed to get back to see the orthodontist, and that he made time to see me at such an awkward time of year. So, fingers crossed no more hiccups. its now 2015 – I get my braces off this year!!!! 7 weeks to go….Oh…My…Goodness!!!! this is so exciting!!!

Video after the final orthodontic appointment below :

6th Jan – My teeth have settled down now and i’m pleased to say the lower front teeth are back in line (phew). After they settled I carried on wearing my night time bands to help eliminate any relapse