Band Patterns and Lower Wire Change…

I had my second last orthodontic adjustment last Thursday (13th November). As I walked in the door my orthodontist Mr Power said “so you’re a youtube star” – he said he and Mr Shorafa had found and watched some of my videos and read a little bit of my blog!!! He said that he asks/recommends that people blog their journeys and was pleased that I had done so. I was also asked if it was OK for me to speak with a pre op patient about my experience, I was honoured to be asked and would love to be able to help anyone going through the anguish of pre op. I will be speaking with this person next week 🙂

My lower wire was changed and although it was uncomfortable I didn’t have the same pain as last time. I appreciate things are still healing but I have noticed an improvement in this. My lower teeth were a little sore for a couple of days but have settled now. Mr Power mentioned that there was a slight relapse and that my right hand side didn’t close as well as the left, I have a new band pattern to wear at night and have already noticed a shift it the midline (these bands are like magic, honestly!) As the patterns were a little different to what I had been wearing Mr Power suggested I take a pictures to copy the front pattern. I will also be wearing the box shape bands on either side of my bite as well as the new band configuration at the front.

I double checked that we were still on track for February de bracing and it looks like we are, we spoke about retainers and it has been decided I will have an upper and lower fixed retainer as well as a set of essex retainers. In all honesty I was insistent on the top fixed retainer as the arch of the upper has been moved a lot from the start of my journey and I’m scared it will narrow again and the front teeth will begin to cross over again.

I have my next and final orthodontic adjustment (that feels sooo weird to write!) on 19th December at 2.15pm, then the final countdown will begin 🙂

Groovy new band pattern below:

photo 1 (13) photo 4 (6)


Almost 4 months post op…

So, its the 2nd November 2014, in another 8 days I will be 4 months post op. I had a letter through last weekend saying that due to unforeseen circumstances my appointment on 21st November had been cancelled – Oh no!!!!!!!!!!! – I called up on the Monday and was really lucky to be given another appointment on Thursday 13th November at 11am…so we are still on schedule for de bracing in Feb – Phew :).

I still notice electrical impulses on the numb section of my lower left lip, I would say I’m still around 35% numb there, I’m accepting that I probably wont get all sensation back here, but even now if that’s all I’m left with numb wise then I am happy with that. I’m not wearing my bands at night anymore and I’ve noticed that my lower jaw seems to have settled into a 1mm relapse. The lower teeth still sit under the top teeth so that is OK for me. I will ask my Orthodontist about this when I next see him about this and also the alignment of my top teeth as I want things as perfect as possible as I’m sure he does.

I still have an odd sensation if I try to run or jump – like the top jaw isn’t totally attached/fused at the top sides of the jaw, again this is just a time thing so I am hoping by the 6 month mark everything will be totally fused back together – my orthodontist explained it like a sponge last time i saw him, he said that all the little bits need to fill up with new bone tissue, it makes sense I guess…after all the whole jaw was cut off (eeeuwwww). once that’s all fused I will get back to my training, I cant wait!.

I’m pleased to say the weight I lost hasn’t gone back on, I seem to have settled at 9st 11lb and I’m really happy with that.

No regrets at all, I’ll let you know how my next Orthodontist appointment goes…. 11 days to go 🙂 xxx