12.5 weeks post op – reflecting on the journey so far, my orthodontic appointmnet last week and the news that these braces are finally coming off soon :) xxx

It’s fair to say I have spent most of the time since my de-bracing date has been booked, smiling 🙂

I am so excited to finally be brace free. I have 4 months and 14 days (not that I’m counting or anything?! lol). Even though I am so excited to see the finished result, the wait for de bracing is by no means as challenging as the wait for the surgery (for me anyway). I think perhaps as the surgery was the biggest turning point in the journey for me, the finale if you like, that was why I found it so hard to be patient. I have recorded a video to mark the occasion and to also note my thoughts and feelings at the 12.5 week mark.

As always, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions – I am happy to try to help where I can 🙂 xxx


2nd Ortho Appointmnet post op…

I have my second ortho appointment later today, In all honesty the changes I am seeing have really slowed down, although last night I did notice pain in my lower lip – I’m hoping that means nerve regeneration is still happening which will mean more feeling comes back – I hope so.

I have been taking vitamin B supplements this last week as I read that they can help with nerve mending and thought that all the help I can give my body right now can only be a bonus. When I see my orthodontist later I do have a couple of questions to ask him:

1) why do my teeth on the top jaw feel sensitive when I brush the front side of them? they aren’t sensitive to hot or cold, what is causing this?

2) Why does it sometimes feel strange and uncomfortable in my mouth when I walk (the impact of my feet on the floor causes a vibration that is slightly uncomfortable)

3) Am I OK to go back to kickboxing training?

I also would like to ask when he thinks the orthodontics will finish but I’ll judge whether to ask that when I am there, In all honesty I am very doubtful it will be this side of Christmas, but I’m honestly fine with that. I’ll write some more once I’ve been x

photophoto 1photo 2


Ok, so I’m back from the appointment…. Wow, what an appointment…..

The bottom wire was changed, once again this really hurt. My ortho said the bones have been through a hell of a lot and that it’s quite normal. I asked him my questions and he said the soreness will settle down and that the impact feeling i feel in my upper jaw when walking is a common complaint after surgery but that the clients that have mentioned it don’t mention it much so he assumes it goes away. Once again my upper teeth were not touched at all. I’m sure they’re finished. I was also instructed to keep wearing my bands at night to minimise the risk of jaw relapse as I am more likely to get it being an asymmetry case. He also mentioned that relapse can still occur after the braces come off a bit so all we can do now to counteract that will benefit the result in the long run.

The best was yet to come…..

I have an appointment on 21st November

I have another appointment 19th December (whoop whoop, 2 more this year) and (wait for it………………………)

Appointment for brace removal on Friday 20th February 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I’ve waited 2 and a half years to get this date, I am so so sooooooo excited!!!! He did say we could do it end of Jan, and I said, honestly, there’s no rush, I am happy to wait to ensure we get the best result possible.

He said as long as my teeth move how they should in the next 2 appointments, 20th Feb will see the end of my orthodontic journey involving the braces. I am so happy right now 🙂