11 Weeks post op x

I thought I would do a little video update at the 11 week mark. I have my first cold since the surgery so apologies for sounding a little bit mumbled at times… (I’m very grateful I didn’t get a cold within the first few weeks after the surgery)

Lots happening in the last week – I now have 50% feeling back in my lower lip so it looks like things are healing well so far, my bottom teeth are much more in line now and I have noticed that my bite fits together a lot better, I’ve enrolled on an evening college course and I’ve had a haircut – all little things, but new experiences since the jaw surgery in a way (I’ll explain) – the college course – the thought of a face on photo for any form of I.D used to fill me with dread, but I managed to have a face on photo taken (in one go) that I didn’t instantly hate, so that was a new experience for me, also I have been going on about doing an evening course for ages, and since having this surgery I feel in a way its a little bit of a fresh start and its made me feel more motivated to do things… so at the ripe old age of 30, im now a student again! (well, on a Thursday evening anyway lol). Yesterday I had my hair cut – instead of my usual “leave it really long around the front, I don’t want my jaw line to be shown” I said “let’s do something a bit different and layer the front” – a small thing to a lot of people, but a huge step for me, I’ve hidden behind this mop of hair for a long time, so it was a noticeable novelty for me :). Also at the salon yesterday I know the girls really well as I used to work there and because they don’t see me very often it was nice to hear things like “wow, I can see a difference in your face shape” and even “your teeth are looking really good” – It’s really nice to hear.

As I write this, this time 11 weeks ago I was on an operating table undergoing my surgery, Its crazy when I think of it like that! I’m so glad I decided to do this (and that it’s not this time 11 weeks ago!!!)

I see the orthodontist again next week for my 2nd adjustment on the lower teeth, i’m quite excited about this as it’s all steps in the right direction and one step closer to the finished result. I’m hoping that I may just about get another 2 appointments in by the end of the year 🙂 . As always I will keep you updated xxx


Dear Jaws, titanium plates & screws and new bite – Happy 2 month Anniversary :) x

It’s the 10th September – 2 months since my operation date, the time is whizzing by. The last few days I have been struggling but managing to eat pasta – as long as it’s the thin type and not the spirals. I can get about 3-5 minutes of soft chewing before the jaw spasms kick in again, at just under 9 weeks, im happy with that. It’s so nice to taste stuff that resembles food 🙂

The jaw spasms are still really spiteful and really do hurt. As soon as I get more than one of them I stop what I’m “eating”. I’m still yawning lots and it’s still very uncomfortable on my left side. I’ve worked out if I sort of hold my face and chin a bit it doesn’t hurt so much as the support helps keep the yawn in a straight line if that makes sense?

The feeling in my upper left palate is pretty much back now, I’d say I have around 10% numbness in my upper left lip and about 50% numbness on the bottom left side of my lip and chin. Even if it stays as it is I can live with it not really bothering me. I have enough sensation to know if I have food on my lip or chin now (which is always a bonus I guess lol) and my lower lip looks much more a part of my mouth now – before it looked like it was getting left behind a little bit when I was talking, but now it looks normal – phew 🙂

I see the orthodontist again in a few weeks, I think  a little bit more rotation needs to be done to the front lower teeth after their little outing from the tooth line post surgery (**sigh**) but as I’ve said before, I’m so so close to the finish line now. I believe the average the braces are on post op is 6 months, I’m 2 months down already, however it’s not a race and I would rather the fine tuning be done perfectly, even if this means the braces are on for a few extra months. I’m hoping they will be off 6 months from now, which would put me around the Feb/March time – im fine with that, I really am. I’m still amazed at the difference 🙂

One odd thing I did realise this week when talking to a friend about jaw surgery ( I was trying to explain what an overbite and underbite were) was that I can’t move my lower jaw forward or back at all… weird, but I can understand why. It is strange noticing all these differences still, but all in a good way.

I’m still looking forward to biting through pizza (one day…) but there’s no rush. I am aware that I have little strength in my jaws, but at least pasta is a step in the right direction….

My weight is around 9stone 11lbs now so apart from a couple of pounds I’ve managed to keep the weight I lost off. I’m not hungry at all and I feel I am eating normal amounts again, even if it is mainly mushy food.

I have no pain anymore (apart from the odd jaw spasm and the odd nerve sensation on my lower lip, but I think as more and more feeling returns and the nerves heal this will die down) I can open my mouth about 1.5 finger width now so that too is improving. I’m still using my soft plastic baby spoons but I feel safer with them incase the metal cutlery “bangs” my teeth or mouth, perhaps I’ve just got used to them? I will update again soon, and I reiterrate that I have absolutely no regrets x

thank you as always for following my journey 🙂 x x x

8 Weeks Post Op…

It’s day 55 of recovery, and so far, wow, what a journey. I had my braces tightened last week on the lower teeth and they are much more in line now. This last week I have been attempting to chew rice and bread with no crusts and beans on – my jaws still can’t seem to cope with this and the left side in particular is sore today. Lesson learned, and listening to my body. I guess it was just a bit early to attempt that. I see the orthodontist again in 4 weeks and have noticed my bite has already improved. The bands I wear at night are very sore at the moment but I think that’s because the lower teeth are still tender. I can’t believe its been 8 weeks already since my surgery day – the time seems to go a lot quicker post op (apart from the first 2 weeks…). I have started saving for my “post op teeth” fund to ensure that I can have the cosmetic finishing that I’d like. I’m half way there so far.

I went to a wedding on Saturday – my first real outing since the surgery, and although I couldn’t eat the buffet food (that smelled amazing may I add….) It was nice to be out and people commented that I looked different. It was nice to hear. It was very strange when someone got the camera out and I didn’t try to hide my mouth behind it… although I still felt conscious, but i guess that will take time. I even went in the wedding photobooth which was something I doubt I would have done before. This surgery has already started to change my life for the better. It’s really nice to feel comfortable and less conscious of the face I have.


above are my pictures from day 50, I’m able to smile more easily and naturally which is great. Its still feels so odd to not shy away from a face on photo x