Day 15-19 post op…

25th July (pm)  I’m pleased that the swelling is going down but smiling is still not really happening at the moment. I understand there is still a lot of swelling plus the stitches are still feeling very tight…

27th July –  one of my stitches fell out, I didn’t know if I was really excited or really disgusted lol but like a proud mother I took a picture of it (i know its really disgusting but this was a defining moment for me lol xxx)

28th July video update

29th July– I coughed up some more bloody mucus, it worried me and I will address it with the surgeon when I see him on Thursday.My bottom teeth look more and more like a Picasso work and are very crooked now, this was due to the middle of the wire being cut pre op as bone needed to be removed and also unfortunately some of the brackets on my lower teeth were broken due to the force used in surgery. I know this will be fixed with braces once the orthodontics resume but its a  bit disheartening right now. I keep getting stabbing pains in my left temple but hope its to do with the swelling… I will also ask about this on Thursday.

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (6)

so you're what's been holding my gums together along with about 30 other brothers and sisters - thanks very much, although some of your stitch siblings are pulling way too tight.... but I appreciate the job you are doing all the same :)

so you’re what’s been holding my gums together along with about 30 other brothers and sisters – thanks very much, although some of your stitch siblings are pulling way too tight…. but I appreciate the job you are doing all the same 🙂


Day 11 (pm) – day 15 …. still struggling but so much better

It is no secret that this has not been an easy ride for me since the operation. I have tried to remain as positive as possible and even though its been tough, I know I made the right decision. I have been taking pictures and doing video clips and will continue to do so over the first month of recovery. As always if anyone has any questions, please do get in touch.

The past few days I have really noticed that my stitches are pulling extremely tight. Hopefully this means they are healing, but it really does hurt. I am managing to sleep in blocks of 2-3 hours on average now so that is helping me feel so much better 🙂 I even slept for 6 hours in a row once which was amazing 🙂

I was struggling in the video below – I went to the orthodontist yesterday and it ended up being incredibly painful for me. My apologies for getting so upset, i’d had enough of all the pain and discomfort by this point…

Below are some pictures of my X-rays post op and the changes to my face over the past few days x

8 plates, 36 screws.. no wonder its been so sore :(

8 plates, 36 screws.. no wonder its been so sore 😦

side view X-Ray

side view X-Ray




photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (5)

photo 5 (3)



Day 10 and 11 …

Day 10 – My mouth feels very tight, my stitches are pulling and I still feel swelling and pressure in my face. I have had a few tingles in my lower lip, which feels like electricity – all good signs. Today I am feeling much better, but still really struggling to sleep. When I lay down the swelling goes mad and the pain goes up. When I talk for a while I get numb around my mouth which gets worse and feels like is spreading on my face if I continue to talk… I think i’m talking too much..,lol. I need to rest more. I never realised how hard it is to rest 🙂 

Day 11 – The pain is more sharp stabbing pains as well as less constant pain, I am managing to sleep more but my mouth feels very very stiff and the ache in my jaws is intense. I see and feel something new each day at the moment. I am amazed at how much the body can take and how it heals x 


Day 4 – Day 8 of recovery….

14th-18th July….

I am writing this on Saturday 19th July. Firstly apologies for the delay in updating, I have been very washed out and have been struggling with the pain and lack of sleep. I am happy to say I do feel better today, definitely not 100% but better. The last 4 days have felt very long, I don’t seem to be able to sleep for more then 2 hours at a time and once I’m awake it takes hours to get back to sleep due to the pain and discomfort. I have taken so much pain medication that I have quite a poorly tummy so I am a little bit stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I saw my surgeon on 14th July and he said he was pleased with how everything went.  He mentioned that my bones were much stronger then they had anticipated but that they did not run into any complications. On the day of surgery I was told the operation would take around 3.5 hours…. turns out i was under general for 7.5 hours and in theatre for 6.5 hours. My surgeon changed my bands to just one band on my right hand side. I was still quite swollen today but he mentioned that the swelling was minimal and that he was pleased with the lack of swelling and bruising. I must have been very tired today as I didn’t record a video or do a daily photo record. Its amazed me how tired I have constantly been. I’m sure lack of sleep and my body working hard to heal is the reason. I’m trying to get as much rest as I can.

15th July – Still struggling with the pain, although the swelling has peaked and is starting to go down by now…

16th July – Still struggling to sleep and in pain. I’ve stared yawning lots now which I find incredibly painful. I noticed that the inside of my lower gums feel sore and tight so I guess that it the stitches pulling. I have my first post operation appointment with the Orthodontist tomorrow, i am really interested to see what he says… In a way I am frustrated that I look heaps more recovered then I feel.

17th July – THE 1 WEEK MARK!!! – Wohoooooo I am officially over the first week, which I have been told is bar far the hardest. I hope things are a lot easier from here…  I was woken up in the middle of the night again with the pain so I filmed…..

This second video was taken after the orthodontist appointmnet

18th July – My jaws felt very sore today, I think it was from all of the pulling off of the new bands. My mum and I went to the shops for a few hours earlier today. I struggled and at times my legs felt weak and my face started feeling numb on one side. I struggled to sleep big time that night and feel that I really pushed my self way to far. I was up in the night with the worst pain and discomfort I have had for a few days…

My apologies for the video overload. I find it much easier to film then type at the moment as I feel so tired all of the time. I’m hoping that things will improve lots in the next week 🙂 x

Before the surgery I wrote what I anticipated the first week would be like.. so, was I right?…

“to be very uncomfortable and feel claustrophobic through my blocked nose and jaws banded shut.” I was incredibly uncomfortable and in way more pain then I could ever have imagined. I was beyond grateful that my nose did not block up completely and that I wasn’t banded shut or have a splint in.

“Swell up like a balloon for at least 4 days and still be very swollen at the 7 day mark.” I swelled up, but not as extreme as I thought I would. I think the cold water mask saved me from a lot of swelling. I noticeably swelled up on on day 2 when I left hospital and the lovely cold mask… but all in all the swelling was not extreme.

“I anticipate having swollen lips that would give Angelina Jolie a run for her money…” My lips swelled up but not hugely at all, the worst thing was how sore the sides of my mouth were where the lips had been necessarily stretched so much during surgery.

“…And lastly I anticipate a 5-7lb weight loss…. it will be interesting to see how accurate this is next week” I lost 7lb this week.

One thing I didn’t expect at all was the lack of sleep I would get. I have been extremely tired but too uncomfortable to settle. Once I have managed to doze I have woken up very soon afterwards. For the first few days I wasn’t able to sleep for more than 45-60 minutes. This week I slept 3 hours in one go on one occasion. All other times have been between 1hr 30 mins – 2 hours.






I Made it :)

Today is the 13th July, it is around 9.30pm as I begin typing this. I am on day 3 of recovery. Let me take you back to the day of surgery… We arrived at the hospital at 7am but had to wait for reception to open at 7.30am. Once reception was open I was instructed to go to the 7th floor where I would meet with nurses and my surgeon again. I was informed on the morning of surgery that I needed to have blood samples taken again to determine my blood type in case I needed bloods in surgery. After 30 years I finally know my blood group – I’m A negative. I changed into a surgical gown and was give some socks and medical underwear to put on… A surgeon came to see me to explain the procedure and get my signature, then Mr Shorofa came to do the same explanation, he said he does this with the other surgeon separately to ensure that everything has been covered. I was very nervous at this point and was trying not to cry. After he had gone the nurse explained I would be called down to theatre in around 30 minutes…

I was taken down to the anaesthetic room and was gradually put under I was lying down, very scared and crying a lot. the team were very caring, I was just very nervous. I has ECG monitors on my chest and I remember warm air being pumped into where my feet were. I also remember trying  not to breathe in the oxygen mask as I was worried about going under… they said it would calm me down but not put me under, which it did, it was nice to feel calmer. In all honesty I remember the anaesthetic going up my arm and hurting.. i’m sure I went unconscious as I was grumbling about that…… I can only say that what I woke up to was in all honesty the worse physical pain and discomfort of my life so far… (i’m sorry to be negative, i’m just being honest) 

here is another video that was taken later that day… 

That first night was awful. I ended up being sick 3 times, throwing up blood. My face felt sore, tight and like my head was going to explode with pressure. I felt so ill, nauseous and incredibly weak. I asked for pain medication continually. It seems that for some odd reason I have all sensation, except for a very small part on my lower lip and chin. I was expecting to be numb from the eyes down for weeks. Although it is great for recovery that I have all of this sensation, it makes the pain a lot harder as I can feel everything 😦

I stayed in hospital for an additional night and eventually came home on Saturday 12th July, around midday. I decided to stay as I had the use of a cold mask which helped ease the pain and swelling a lot. I am really sad to say, the level of care I received from the ward staff was very disappointing. one or 2 people were very helpful, one told me that I should have gone home now anyway and others weren’t sure what medications to give. I would have to request pain medicine, I wasn’t on a top up or anything like that.

I struggled the first night at home with discomfort, but in all honesty I was just so grateful that I didn’t feel like I did on Thursday evening. The last few days have felt very long. I seem to doze off for 30 – 45 minutes, then I am awake for an hour then I doze again. The time seems to be going very slowly. I made a video for each day of recovery so far. Today (13th) I am very swollen still and light yellow bruising is just staring under my chin.

Video Diary 12th July (at hospital waiting to go home) – 

Video Diary 12th July –

Video Dairy 13th July –