The last pre op appointment date has arrived…

As if Saturdays weren’t already lovely enough (with being able to lie in and still know that you have tomorrow off ) I received a letter…from Wexham :)….

photo (2)


This is the last pre op appointment I needed – the missing piece in my “pre op” puzzle …. I think once I go away at the end of May the time is just going to fly by… so, the order of things to come (unless the op date gets moved due to unforseen cases coming in) is:

May 9th – 2.45pm Ortho appt at Wexham

May 24th – Holiday 🙂

June 2nd – Back from holiday – land at 7.00am

June 5th – 2.00pm – Moulds being taken at Wexham to be able to make my surgical wafers/splints and jaw models for the surgeon to do a “dry run” of the operation with.

June 26th – 9.00am at Northwick Park Hospital for pre op assessment

June 27th – 9.30am – Surgical hooks going on at Wexham

July 10th – 7.00am arrive at Northwick. Surgery in the morning

So, this is it… all appointments in place. 10 weeks and 5 days to go……… 🙂




Feeling more comfortable with the changes

I’m surprised I don’t know the hospital phone number of by heart by now… yes, you’ve guessed it… I called Northwick again today, I sometimes think it can be a lottery of who picks up as to the accuracy or helpfulness of information given, and today I feel like I hit the jackpot.

The first lady I spoke with was called Nicole and she explained that yes, I am under Mr Messiha – I asked if I would meet him before the surgery and she said yes, on the morning it will take place. Before I had time to panic that there would be no joint clinic again she quickly added that he was a brilliant surgeon and that if she could choose who to perform surgery on her, it would be him. I asked her “honestly? ” to which she said yes.  That really did make me feel better, I explained that I was quite unsettled by this as I had no idea my surgeon was changing. She said that Mr M had been off due to a heart attack and that Mr Shorafa had been brought on to help cover his time off as they didn’t know when Mr M would be back at work as he was recovering. Ok, this makes sense and does make me feel better. .. I asked if there was anywhere I could view his work and she said that she could put me through to his secretary who may be able to help….

…. His secretary was equally as lovely and continued to reassure me, she said that he was lovely, very caring and an excellent surgeon – I am normally quite cautious but I really believed her and felt that what she was saying was true.

I can’t explain it, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, it wasnt just the words of the two ladies I spoke with, there was genuine sincerity behind them.

Feeling much better now and glad that I called. Roll on 9th May, where I will find out if the lower arch has been narrowed enough to avoid the split between the middle lower teeth x x x


Hey I’ve never met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my face, break it nicely….

While re reading over my op date confirmation letter – that I am currently in love with and want to frame I noticed that I am under a consultant called Mr Ashraf Messiha – um, hello – who are you? – not Mr Shorafa that’s for sure… I didn’t know if that meant I would be under his care or if he was performing the op??? – ever the detective I called Northwick and asked if this meant he was my surgeon, or was it Mr Shorafa? – The lady I spoke with said at the moment it could be either but I am booked in with Mr Messiha – oh, right… I will ask my ortho about this and say that I would like to meet with Mr M before I’m in a paper gown in a bed (call me old-fashioned lol). I am not overly happy about this – this will be the third change in my surgeon – I don’t really like change. It’s very strange to think I am handing my face over to someone I haven’t ever met …. eeerrrrrrr, I don’t like it (nervous tummy)… I see my orthodontist Mr Power in 2 and a half weeks so will ask him about it and see if I can meet with Mr Messiha beforehand…. Maybe its just me being an over thinker and a worrier but it does unsettle me… not much else to report right now, I have been really looking after my oral hygiene – flossing lots and trying to appreciate that in 10 weeks and 2 days I wont be able to brush my teeth properly for a fair while. I have the dentist next week for a routine check up and will book in a hygienist appointmnet in June – just before the surgical hooks go on.. yeah, the hooks, not the nicest thing but I’ll be so close to the surgery by then I don’t think I will care about how ugly they look – they go on 13 days before the op, and to the best of my knowledge will look something like this:

images (3)

These are not my teeth but give an indication of what things will look like one they’re in – after surgery these baby’s will hold the new bite in place with elastics placed over the top and bottom hooks. I know these will help the new bite settle and will do a massive job in holding everything where it needs to be. I’m really pleased with how everything is spaced out in the lead up to this, right now I have the following booked:

9th May – Ortho adjustment

24th May – Holiday for 1 week

26th June – Pre op at Northwick

27th June – Surgical hooks go on at Wexham

I will have an appointment with James – the technician who will make my surgery wafers (guides) around this time too but this appointment has not been confirmed yet

10th July – 7am admittance to Northwick for the op

Even writing this makes me nervous, surgery is still two and a half months away but the reality of it all is setting in, I sometimes feel fine, not worried at all, then other times my stomach flips and I feel terrified, I can’t imagine what a mess I will be in July. I have so much respect for anyone that goes through with this surgery and can completely understand why people don’t choose to do it… like me 13 years ago when I was told at 17 that it was recommended that I do this. I guess now I am braver then I think I am? I know it’s the right thing to do, this has bothered and upset me for years and I cannot wait to have a bite that actually fits!!! 🙂

At the moment I am chewing on my left side most of the time, I have 3 or 4 teeth that meet and that’s it, my right side is very sore. It would’ve been better if I could’ve used my right side more as I don’t want the left side to be stronger as the muscles will be pulling that side (the side my jaw leans way over to) back to its original pre op position… I guess that’s where these magic hooks and bands will do their job.

I’m psyching myself up for “the talk” with my boss about the date coming through – I have decided I will do it on Monday 12th May – the Monday after my orthodontic appointment. That way I have still given him 2 months’ notice, and I will initially take 4 weeks out to recover. I’m not sure how he will react but to be honest the surgery means far more to me then his reaction.

I hope everyone is well and that your jaw journeys are progressing well.

I’ll update soon 🙂 x x x



IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got home from work yesterday and saw a letter on the side in the Kitchen – I saw a HA postcode on the sender address and straight away thought it may be a letter from the hospital… I opened it and saw the little blue NHS logo… ( I was a bit confused as I wasn’t expecting “the letter” until June as that’s what I had been told when I had called up previously. The top showed a Pre asessment date… then underneath… A SURGERY DATE!!!!!!!!

photo (2)

The letter was dated the 11th – the day I’d called and been verbally told that date on the notes, Its a really strange feeling for me right now – It all feels a bit unreal – I think perhaps it’s because I am prepared for it to be rescheduled (not trying to be negative, just trying to avoid getting disappointed if this happens x). I think once it gets to July the panic will set in. Its 8.27am at the mo – I need to call the admissions office at 9.00 to accept the dates. I then need to contact Wexham and make the appointment with “James” who will construct my wafers (guides) for surgery. I am so excited for the finished result – even now, I still cant imagine having a bite where my bottom teeth sit underneath the top ones. The operation date also works really well for me – I am away for the last week of May (5 weeks time) and the once I get back it’s 5 1/2 weeks until the op which breaks it up nicely and is far enough away that I won’t be worrying too much about it on holiday. I text my Sister last night as I will miss her birthday on 15th July but we are going to catch up and celebrate her birthday the weekend before. I am really suprised with how quickly things have moved this year – I went into 2014 thinking that I still needed 3 more adjustments before joint clinic and couldnt really see an end in sight, its been a welcome suprise and has definitely got me back at the excited stage of this all.

8.54am – come on 9am… I want to call!!! lol x

(9.01 – I called and a lady just said, yep that’s fine – I think I will call again later just to double check. – I know i”m a pain, but i’m not risking anything regarding this

ok, now for the call to Wexham…….

been transferred twice so far… grrrrrr………. still ringing…… has been ringing for 3 minutes now…. getting frustrated… another minute….. seriously…… obviously no one is going to pick up, I will call back and ask for the main reception, I sometimes make my appointments at the front desk so hopefully they can help me book this in………

calling switchboard back, asking for main reception……getting put through……she said she cant help me and that she will be putting me through to somewhere else… off I go  again lol x……………….. apparently getting put through to James now… its looped back to the original lady, she’s trying again…..she’s backa again lol, shes now given me James’ office number.

Tried James, engaged at the mo – i’ll keep trying…..

its ringing – whoop whoop – “hello tech lab” perfect, at least I am in the correct place……. the gentleman that answered is just getting James now…. spoke to James, He said that he recieved an email to confirm my date… perfect :)….. he said that there are 2 appointmnets for this, one for impressions and one for the wafer trys where they are tested to see if they fit in my mouth properly. He says he also makes models so they can do a mock operation. I left my contact number and he said he will be in touch in a couple of weeks. He said the likelihood is that the appointmnets with him will be 2 weeks before 27th June appointmnet with Mr Power – Thats perfect 🙂 I think now I know I have spoken with him I feel relaxed and happy that for now I have done everything that Mr Power has asked me to do.

Busy times to come – I am so so sooooooo excited  🙂 x x x



My Maxillofacial Team x

I thought that it wouldn’t be fair to write about my journey without a special mention to the key people that have and will continue to help me with my new bite..

This is my Orthodontist Mr Power:


This is my Maxillofacial Surgeon – Mr Shorafa:

Mr Shorafa's Photo 2

I found some background info online about him:

Background Information 
Professional profile:

Mr Shorafa has been trained extensively in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Surgery. Following his undergraduate Dental and Medical qualifications he has worked and trained in many renowned hospitals both nationally and internationally.

He spent a few years in India where he first qualified in Dentistry from SDM Dental College, Dharwad in 1992.  During this time he also undertook a period of focussed research and was subsequently awarded a Masters Degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (MDS).

After many years of postgraduate training as a junior and senior trainee he then undertook further medical training and qualified in Medicine from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London. Following his medical training he undertook further surgical training in General Surgery, General Medicine, Ear Nose and Throat Surgery and Neurosurgery.  In 2008 he commenced his speciality training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery working in some of London’s leading hospitals including Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Eastman Dental Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, and Northwest London Hospitals. He completed his higher surgical training and was then awarded the Intercollegiate FRCS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Mr power for getting my teeth ready for this, the top teeth are lovely and straight and look nice even on this wonky jaw. I am excited for Mr Shorafa to work his magic later this summer.  I feel so grateful for the opportunity of the help from these two specialists.

Possible Date???!!!!!

I know I said I would hold off calling again until May, but ever the nosey person that I am I was sitting here wondering if perhaps any progress had been made with my surgery date, and thought that instead of sitting here wondering a quick call couldnt hurt? I have thought that my main issue with all of this was impatience, however on reflection I think it’s the “not knowing” that frustrates me more (ok, ok and massive amounts of impatience) – once I know whats what I can deal with it, but when I have loads of different scenarios I struggle, I’ve got my Sisters 35th birthday on 15th July and one of my best friends’ 30th on 15th August, both are making plans and it’s hard when the only answers I can give to invites are “I dont know”, As I said, I thought a quick call wouldn’t hurt, I didn’t expect any movement on things, but I guess at least it would make me feel as if  I was doing something by trying to find out any additional information.

As it turns out it was worth making the call…… As I have a hospital number now it makes things a lot quicker when enquiring, I spoke to a lady on the phone who said it wasn’t booked yet, but a provisional date of 10th July was on my notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahey!!!!! – The lady said if I havent heard by early June to chase, which I will do, and obviously I am completely aware that the likelihood is that this will get moved back, but just to have a date (even if it may not be the actual date this all happens) was wierdly an amazing feeling. This is what I have waited almost 2 years in braces for… If this is the date this all happens then this time in 3 months I will be on the other side…. I will be on day 1 of my recovery probably looking like a balloon head and sore, but with a bite that I have wanted most of my life. I never thought I would be so excited about having my jaws broken 🙂

fingers crossed