Northwick Park Hospital number

I called to see if my details had now been entered into the system at Nortwick park and ….drumrole… I have a hospital number for Northwick Park … phew, I feel more relaxed about this now. As I understand things I won’t have a date confirmed until much nearer the time – the guy I spoke with on the phone said I would get a call. I will double check with the lady that I am supposed to speak to (but wasnt in today) just so I know what to expect. but for now, feeling good. not too worried and just waiting for the next ortho appt on May 9th. xxx


Double Checking

I called the booking centre at Northwick today to double check the paperwork has been recieved. They have confimred my paperwork arrived on Friday – Phew. Nikki wasnt there to speak with and I was instructed to call back next week and speak with her regarding my Northwick Park Hospital Number as I am not yet set up on her system. The lady I spoke to also confirmed that the notes had “July” written on them. I asked what happens next as I wasnt sure of the process, she said the order of things goes as follows:

Paperwork recieved (Yep, mines there)

Northwick Hospital number is then set up (Not yet for me, but should be next week)

You are booked in for a pre assessment

You have the op (my notes say a 1-3 night stay)

Nearer the time – she said around June in my case, I should recieve a letter (Chase in June)

I asked if things normally get rescheduled and she said that things do get moved round quite a bit in “Max Fax” (wow, who could’ve thought maxillofacial surgery could sound like such a glam department lol – made me think of Max factor!) The lady explained that if an oral cancer or higher priority case comes in then yes, the max fax ops get pushed back. I completely understand this and think its 100% the right thing. She said that if things do get pushed back regarding my op I will the go in the next available slot, which should be in the next couple of months after the original date,so realistic timeframe is July – Sept – thats what I will prepare myself with xxx


1st Appointmnet after joint clinic

So i had my first appointmnet after the joint clinc today. before I went i thought i would double check regarding the surgery date and see if the paperwork had been received. Someone was looking out for me today, as I managed to speak to a really nice lady who was so so helpful – she took my mobile number after I had explained things and said she would call me back shortly. She called after about 5 minutes, apparently my paperwork went through on 5th March but it wasn’t received at Northwick. She said she had re faxed it over today. She said to call on Monday to double check they have it. So phew, at least I know its there now…. Im really glad I checked this x As the video shows, lots was explained to me today regarding the lower jaw procedure as i had a lot of questions on that, and also I had questions regarding the procedure and what the plan of action is to prep. My orthodontist has the patience of a saint – i always go in with lots of questions and worries and he really explains things in a way I can understand which makes me feel much better. Sometimes I guess its my lack of understanding about certain things that makes me worry so much about them. So thank you very much Mr Power – I feel much happier today and back at the “Excited” stage 🙂

Feeling A Little Better..

I called a lady today at the booking centre – I was given her number yesterday but she had left by the time I called. She confirmed with me that they have not recieved my paper work. I will raise it on Friday and keep checking. Looking forward to the day I recieve the confirmation letter, I suppose I am over thinking and over worrying unnecessarily at this point. I’m just scared I will slip through the system and the op will get pushed back. At least I see my Ortho on Friday, Im sure there is a reason, and also, its only 2 weeks since the joint clinic and they said I would recieve the letter within a month, so its not overdue. Its very hard being verbally told something which isnt 100% in place yet, especially when its taken 2 years to get to, I will try and work on my patience (its soooo hard). x x x

13th March (Update) – I called again today and was directed to the ENT booking centre, the lady on the line said it was my Ortho’s responsibility to send the details through so to speak with him tomorrow. She said that there was no waiting list entry for me and that I am not on Northwick Park’s system… Why do I feel a bit of disappointment is coming?……… see what happens tomorrow…

Round in Circles, Getting Nowhere…..

ok, so its been almost 2 weeks since the joint clinic… still no letter, hmmmm….

I called Northwick park Hospital to see if the date was on their system now and once checking their records I dont exist! I called Wexham but they cant tell me anything about the surgery as I am not having it there, so i then called a booking line who said they need a referral letter from my GP before i can go there??? ( i dont know what on earth the woman i was talking to was on, but i think we both confused the hell out of each other ) So as far as I can make out im not on a secured date yet, and dont even exist at Northwick. Im a bit worried but at least I see my Orthodontist on Friday so will ask him about this. I guess it will be nice to have the date confirmed and then I can get the time booked off of work ( which should go dowm like a lead balloon as summer is our busiest time ) i think I know that i need to have “the conversation” with my boss and am dreading it, so just need this date confirmed before I can let him now. I know in the grand scheme of things this isnt a huge deal at this stage, but its frustrating all the same. Sorry to be so moany, its just a bit worrying xxx