Feeling Hopeful and Keeping everything crossed…

So  my appointment finally arrived on 24th Jan – the first thing I asked my orthodontist was about the joint clinic appointment – should i be getting excited or was it just so the new surgeon could meet me??? he said that he thinks I may be ready but they were taking moulds today (oh no… not this yucky stuff again!!!) and that they would discuss the results with me at the next appointment in Feb, i asked if he thought I was ready and he said he wasnt sure, but thinks so…  I reminded him that I have an appointmnet booked for march for moulds and he said to keep that one just in case and to make another in May incase we need to do further orthodontic work. We took the moulds and to be honest this time was really bad, where i was lying down dribble collected in the back of my mouth and when i coughed it came out of my mouth a bit (oh the shame!!!!!) i was heaving and making the usual awful noises but by now Im getting used to the noises i make so im not so embarrassed.  The power chains were taken off of my lower brace and my bands were changed. I asked my ortho what the adjustment today was doing and he said that they werent moving anything today. I asked him, if i was ready, what is the next stage… he said i then get an appointment date, a gap is created between the teeth in my top jaw where they will make the incision and that i will see him a week before. He said that the surgery is not carried out at Wexham ( i cant remember where he said now) and that i would see him every week for 4 weeks afterwards. so here i am at 2.30am on 27th Jan, writing this (i can never sleep on a Sunday night) thinking that this time in a month, it will be the day of the joint clinic where i have my 10am appointment for the verdict. My ortho said that in this appointment the surgeon, himself and i will decide on the treatment plan together, i mentioned that i did want to go for it regarding the top jaw, i didnt mention my chin… see what they say. i quite like the shape of my chin, not the length, but i dont know if the teeth meeting together will give me the reduction in length id want to balance my face better. I was sent for facial photos again (not x rays this time) and off i went, again, a mixture of excited, hopeful, nervous and still unsure. Ive learnt not to assume (hope, but not assume) as last September I was very down after i thought i was ready and it turns out I wasnt. Hopefully this month will fly by and at least i will have an idea of time scale and a definite answer to what treatment I will have. As always I will keep you posted 🙂 xxx



So it’s Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014, I see the Orthodontist this Friday afternoon, I will definitely be asking him about this February joint clinic – is it so the Suregon can meet me before he has a second joint clinic at a later stage with me ( as my original surgeon left ) or is this THE actual “you’re ready for surgery” joint clinic? i can justify either scenario in my mind at this stage really although if I had to sway one way or another I would say this is THE apoointment to find out what will happen in surgery and when it will happen. Thinking back to 2 years ago, I remembr the joint clinic with Caroline Mills who was my original surgeon, I had to hold and lightly bite down on a spatula between my teeth to show them the angle that my jaws were “out” , she said upper jaw expansion surgery (not SARPE) lower jaw surgery and chin rotation – i hope this new surgeon sticks to this plan. I will voice the opinion that although there was possible talk of leaving the top jaw alone and narrowing the bottow jaw, I think that I will just go for the lot – as the top jaw is on a slight angle ( hey, if im going through this, lets do it all and get it all perfect) i’m literally counting the hours to find out what is actually going on. I am very tempted to call the hospital to see what this is for but dont want to be an annoying patient so will refrain…. argh, the wait is killing me, i’m not the most patient person, so with this all being about something I desperately want to be on the other side of it is definitely frustrating. If they do say im ready I will then panic about the op, it’s like so many emotions going on at once right now, Im a mixture of excited, nervous, scared and impatient lol, roll on Friday 🙂 x

Go Go Go!!!! :)

I got home on Wednesday 8th Jan 2014 from work and picked up the post on the mat, I realised there was a letter from Wexham Hospital, as I opened it I assumed it was a confirmation letter for my appointment on 24th Jan, but no, it was this!!! :

 *** Happy Dance***

A letter for joint clinic with the Ortho and the surgeon!!! wow, could this be the final one? am I ready?!!!! After getting extremely excited, I then felt very scared then started to cry – I don’t know if it was relief that the operation looks like it’s finally happening, fear, happy tears?  Emotional wreck lol

I  posted on the Facebook Jaw Surgery group I joined asking questions like “What happens at the joint clinic at this stage?” and most replies are saying that this means I’m ready for the surgery and that I might even be given a surgery date at this appointment.

Wow, i’m so happy with how fast everything is happening right now, trying to keep calm and not get excited until I have seen the Ortho and Surgeon and heard what they say, at least I know that I will definitely know what the treatment plan will be this time, I’m pretty sure its upper and lower jaw, will find out of its chin too.

Will keep you posted with what happens on Jan 24th when I see the Ortho for my next adjustment 🙂