I said Hey…..What’s Goin’ on???? …..

I went to the Ortho yesterday.. and have left feeling a bit confused, I now have an appointment on 14th March for more impressions to be taken, which means the surgery could be much sooner…. although now he is talking about not doing any work on the top jaw and narrowing the bottom jaw.. and that I could also input the decision on this… thinking about it I think I will go for the top jaw as I think the results will be better, also I have a slight lower side on the top and this will also be rectified if work on the top jaw is also taking place.

so as it stands, i have an appointment on Jan 24th and another on March 14th…

I had a power chain put on the bottom this time, it is so sore, but at least it means things are moving…

as for the surgery.. Goodness knows when it will be, still holding on to it being a year or so away but if the plan is changed again I could be ready in May…….

thinking about all of this is frazzling my brain…lol

I will write again soon,



So Frustrated…

So Here’s where things are at the moment:


I’m off to have my 3rd of 6 adjustments tomorrow, I have my 4th appointment booked for 24th January. I’m not really feeling the positive vibes at the mo, 3rd adjustment is still only just half way to the 6 I’ll need and this whole process seems like the end is slipping further and further away. I know that I am getting closer, and I am appreciative of that, I just seem to have hit a wall at the moment….

On top of this my boss took the micky out of how I talk at the mo ( to be fair I do hiss quite a bit when I speak and some words are not completely clear ) but that has really affected me, I obviously sound strange to other people for him to do this. I took it the first day and didn’t say anything, but he did it again the next day and I sternly informed him that I know that I sound strange, I know I can’t talk “properly” but that it wasnt my fault, I was doing something about it and I don’t appreciate his comments. he said I should learn to  take a joke, to which I replied ” im not sure the HR lady would see it like that” – Go me….. 🙂 but seriously, it hurt me a lot and it just made me want to be on the other side of the surgery more than ever ….

The other side of surgery – well right now that feels like a mystical place, a place I am desperately wanting to get to but my key doesnt fit the lock right now…. ( I know that I went way overboard with the metaphors then but its the only feeling I can really liken it to)

I will check with my ortho tomorrow on how he sees things moving and if he thinks it may even possibly be 5 not 6 adjustments, but to be honest for the sake of an extra couple of months I would be happy for it to be 6 and perfectly ready.

so, 24th January for number 4, that means mid to end of March for number 5, then May for number 6… fast forward 8 weeks of movement to be ready for the yucky plasticine stuff to be shoved in my mouth again, x-rays (which I always smile in for some reason… Ali, it’s an x-ray no need to smile lol) and then the outcome again which takes me to July 2014, almost a year from the first lot of impressions taken for pre surgery….

One positive is that they have now found a replacement surgeon so they will have performed operations in the new role for about 8 – 12 months before they do mine…

***sigh**** I need to lift myself, maybe it’s just been one of those weeks.

I’m 30 next week and when I began this process I thought that I would be nearly done by my 30th…. so my hopes are that by November 2014 I will be on the other side of surgery, and maybe (but probably not) brace free. The braces are just there now, they are what they are and I have come to accept them as part of my face, its just the surgery I want to get done and over with, it’s quite draining to know that you have something like that coming and not know when… It is fair to say I do over think things, and my mind does go off on a wander frequently regarding all of this. I sometimes look in the mirror and move my bottom jaw from side to side to get an idea of how it all might look, but I think that I wont really know until after… I’m sure it will be much better then now and I cant even comprehend having a bite that meets properly. One thing that I am really looking forward to ( apart from obviously a bite that is aligned and a face that isn’t wonky) is having pizza without the need of a knife and fork… wow..imagine.. biting (yes Biting!!!) through a slice without the base being left behind…. it’s the little things I guess…..

Roll on tomorrow 🙂 xxx