The neverending story….

1st October 2013 – I went to the ortho on thursday 12th September feeling a mixture of excited, nervous, frightened but hopeful, I really thought I was ready…… I sat in the waiting room with my magazines waiting to be called…

When I went in I was shown the mould of my mouth – one from the start of the whole journey ( and I really didn’t realise just how bad my teeth and bite were!!! ) and one of now ( which looked perfect to me ) but I was told I’m not yet ready for surgery and the ortho has decided to change the treatment plan. Instead of cutting the top jaw in half to widen it they are going to push the teeth out to the side to widen the bite further so it will just be a shortening of the jaw and a wedge out of the back to bring the teeth down straight whereas currently they stick out quite a bit.

I still have the facial asymmetry which will require bottom jaw treatment and the chin work to be done…. my ortho said another 5 to 6 adjustments and we should be there.  I wanted to cry, in fact I did cry at home for quite a while afterwards, I felt deflated, frustrated and just like I wanted the braces off 😦

On top of that my surgeon has left and they are currently recruiting another person….which also added to my upset as I really liked the surgeon I met at the beginning.

I had my first of the adjustments that day and my whole top teeth were really sore for a couple of weeks after, but hey, I guess that means the braces are doing their job.

I have another appointment on 25th October ( I am literally counting the days ) and one on 29th November, im thinking realistically that I wont be able to have another before the new year so im hoping the teeth should be in the correct position by April 2014, the a couple of months wait for joint clinic, (June) then surgery by August 2014…… I feel so down right now, ive gone from hoping surgery would be this year to the realisation that it’s almost another year away…. I keep thinking that each day is a day closer to the end, but I honestly can’t remember myself without braces now.

I guess this whole journey will have highs and lows, and I accept that the preparation has to be done well, and if im honest I am quite glad that the top jaw wont be cut in half…. I know I have spent most of this blog moaning, but I am grateful that I am under the NHS, this whole process wouldn’t have even been a possibility if I wasnt. Im healthy and have a good quality of life so really in the grand scheme of things I don’t really have a right to be down at all.

I will post again soon, thanks for reading xxxxx