Possibly ready for surgery????

So yesterday (5th September 2013) I went to my appointment to get impressions taken to see if everything is where it should be before we proceed to the next stage – my surgery….

My lovely Orthodontist prepared the horrible mixture (that I remember from my first visit) to take the impressions… he filled what looked like a yellow gumshield and put on my uppper jaw. the mixture squelched out of the sides once he pushed up and it did make me gag. He says if you move your feet it takes the focus off a bit, which does honestly help, but its not a nice feeling having a cold gooey mixture touching the back of your throat. It was all over and done with quickly and the same process was repeated on my lower jaw – which was soooooo much easier too deal with. They didn’t change my bands or wire and I go back next week for the verdict. I really hope I am ready for the next phase of all of this, i just want the op over and done with and then I know i’m over the worst.  I am excited to think that one day my bite will be really good and that I wont always have to strategically place items (usually a drink) in front of my mouth in pictures, and i am really excited to think that one day I will be able to bite selotape and eat pizza without the use of a knife and fork ( as usually when i bite it the toppings come off and the base is left behind 😦 ).

I was then sent for facial xrays, which was a much easier experience. If it turns out that i am ready for surgery i will then go for pictures of my face at the next appointment.

I am counting the days until next weeks when i get to hear if i’m ready.

I have been told that in 80% of cases more adjustments have to be made after this stage so the likelyhood is im not ready for the surgery, but hey, im keeping positive and hoping…. Either way its all moving in the righht direction 😀  x