Wisdom in the bin….

I had all  4 wisdom teeth removed in May 2012, I was over the moon to learn that I would be under general anesthetic for this as I am a huge wimp when it comes to anything squeamish. I did ask for my teeth to be given to me after the operation, however I was told I wasn’t allowed to have them and they are disposed of.  Hey, I’ve grown these, they’re mine… you can’t just throw them away???   I did ask why they were thrown away and that I REALLY would like them, but no luck.

I did feel quite sad about my illusive wisdom teeth after I came round after the anesthetic, however this was after I became conscious again and was convinced the nurse in recovery was the nurse that had been in the ward before the op – who was lovely. After chatting absolute rubbish and crying to her about how happy I was that it was her, I became aware that actually, I didn’t know who this woman was and then started to apologise for thinking she was someone else……

…I was taken back to the original ward, where an hour and a toilet trip later, the cotton was removed from my hamster cheeks and I was allowed to go home. I think they used localised anesthetic too as I couldn’t move half of my mouth for the rest of that day. On a positive, the swelling went down in 24 hours and I had no complications like dry socket afterwards. I used Corsidol mouth wash and purchased a baby toothbrush to clean the back of my mouth gently.

I have a video uploaded of talking after the operation, you will see what I mean when I said that one side of my mouth wouldn’t move!!!….. ” my rain works ut my outh oesn’t” (that’s my brain works but my mouth doesn’t..lol… enjoy) x