Hello :)


This is the first blog I have ever created and I hope that maybe it helps people out there that are currently going through the same journey as me.

I am mid treatment ( having just had my final wire on the top and bottom teeth ) for the correction of a few things:

Widening my upper jaw, Correction of class 2 malocclusion (buck teeth..mmmm lovely), long face syndrome (yes I’m in a mess), facial asymmetry where my lower jaw has grown 11mm over to my left side and my chin needs to be rotated. All in all I don’t look as bad as this all sounds, however my teeth do not meet at the front – I have to eat pizza with a knife and fork or I just leave the base behind, I can’t bite sellotape… and I am still getting over the fact that I failed my “threading” module at beauty college as I couldn’t hold the string between my teeth. I hiss when I say the letter “S”, I dribble a little sometimes if i’m deep in concentration (which is embarrassing to say the least) and when I have a photo taken from the right side on I think I look like I’m growling,

I have had my 4 wisdom teeth removed ( they did this after a few months of the braces going on initially ) so far and go back on September 5th 2013 for moulds to be taken again  if you are like me this means looking forward to feeling like someone is shoving Plasticine down your throat that will cause you to retch and generally produce sounds that sound like you are an extra in Jurassic Park – Oh how ladylike. But I know all these things are happening to help me and to give me the best outcome possible – I cannot thank the staff at Wexham Park Hospital UK enough – they have been brilliant so far.

I will continue to add pictures and videos as I go through things, if nothing else the video after my wisdom teeth have been removed should make you laugh…. but hopefully it will give you an insight of the things you may go through on your individual journey.

I would love to be able to speak to anyone going through this journey or that has been through it – and if I can help anyone just considering whether or not to go for it then please do get in touch, We are a unique group of people who will all have amazing, aligned smiles in the months to come 🙂